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  There are any number of things that companies should be doing on all professional interviews if they are serious in competing for the top available talent, so this is not a comprehensive discussion, but rather a few tips to help specifically with landing the Millennials. Tip #1 – Let everyone involved in the interview…(Read More)

  If today’s typical job description were a telephone it would be hanging on the wall, with a big round dial and ten holes in it numbered from 1 to 0. The baby boomers in the workforce, those currently between the ages of 52 and 70, could still use this old rotary phone and…(Read More)

  Recently I have been hearing a common theme among plastics companies about how difficult it is to find younger workers with the skillsets they need, so I wanted to shed some light on the subject, in three parts. Today we’ll cover how to assess your organization and why that is important. We are…(Read More)

  You might have heard that January is the best time to start looking for a new position. It’s not a bad time, but I’m going to tell you that the very best time is RIGHT NOW! After almost 20 years of recruiting within the plastics and packaging industries, September is when all…(Read More)

  The task of resume writing seems to get a little more complicated with each passing year. Just remember, a resume serves one purpose; to get you an interview. The hiring manager will likely decide whether to interview you based almost entirely on reading your resume, so it’s imperative you show off your accomplishments…(Read More)

  In this three-part series, we will be giving you our take on the “steps to success” for jobseekers, whether you are actively looking or just keep your eyes and ears open. Talking to hundreds of job seekers per week, we see excellent, well written resumes and we see poorly written ones that often…(Read More)

  Major league baseball’s All-Star game is coming up soon. There are only 750 players on major league rosters, of the millions of kids who wanted always to be there. Of those 750, only 68 make it to the All-Star game. Not surprisingly, the teams with the winningest records typically have more…(Read More)

  If someone you know just graduated from college, let me add my congratulations! More than likely, their attention is now fully on getting that first job, so here are a few networking ideas to help their chances. Everyone will tell the grad that they need to ‘network’, but what does that mean? First, have…(Read More)

  We are in most likely somewhere in the middle stages of a business expansion that began slowly for a few years but has recently caught fire. For the professional workforce we are still in a secular trend that will last about another 15 years, driven primarily by the baby boomer generation leaving the workforce…(Read More)