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Love Letter and Resume


It’s February, and if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to update your resume, you need to do it now. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so you also need to write a love letter to your special other. I hate choosing, so let’s do both! In fact, there are some similarities. Just as your love letter should use elegant and carefully chosen words to express your feelings, your resume should use powerful and carefully chosen words to express the impact you can have on a company. And let’s be honest; usually if you’re happier at home you’re happier at work, and vice versa, so let’s look at some examples of how to improve both your love life and your resume:

Love Letter                                                                                  Resume
Honey, you are truly amazing. achieved 120% of my sales goal.
I am captivated by your charming personality. My design change captured industry attention and contributed over 500K to the project’s bottom line.
My darling, you look enchanting tonight. Our team delivered improvements in product quality, eliminating over half of our rework costs.
You are the most giving and genuine person I’ve ever met. Our sales initiatives generated several new key accounts and the company gained nearly $2 million in new revenue.
I’ve never met anyone who is so stunning and at the same time such a sweetheart. By streamlining the process, we cut production times by 8%, saving almost 100K per month.

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