Why Use KLA

Why-Use-KLAWhy Use KLA

There is a significant talent shortage in the US today, and it is going to get worse. At KLA Industries, we know that you to turn to Search to identify, attract, and land passive talent that you cannot reach on your own. Stacks of unqualified applicants are a drain on your resources.

Since 1999, KLA has been partnering with the most innovative companies in the world to build their organizations. We grow teams at all of levels of executive management, business development, product development, engineering, and manufacturing operations. We have become experts in our markets, but what sets KLA apart is our proven PROCESS, which is designed with Accuracy, Speed, and Longevity in mind. We provide our clients Higher Quality talent, Faster, who will stay with them Longer.

Our process will deliver 3-5 interviewable candidates in an average of 18 business days. Each of those candidates will meet 85% or more of the identified success factors, and will be screened for compensation and location. Most importantly every candidate we submit will have an identifiable reason for joining your company, OTHER THAN MONEY.

Because we hold so tightly to this corporate mandate, our candidates STAY LONGER. Our research has shown that over 80% of our placements are still with their companies 5 years later, with many having been promoted.

KLA will facilitate the interview process and work to land the candidate YOU feel is the best fit. Today, most top performers get counter-offers, and have multiple other opportunities. We will advise you on how to move quickly, and ensure that your offer is accepted.

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