The KLA Process

Our Process

  • A comprehensive needs analysis meeting to include the hiring manager. Here we also discuss selling points for the company & position, opportunities for growth, and so on
  • We develop a detailed and targeted search strategy and plan
  •  We establish a target list of ~100 people we want to present with your opportunity, based on our proprietary database and any targeted research (we have 4 researchers on staff)
  • Execute the project recruiting plan with 60-80 calls per day
  • Screen candidates to include only those who are:
    • Well qualified – at least 85% of the preferred requirements
    •  In the compensation range you have specified
    • Local to the job area or available for relocation
    • Motivated by something other than money to join your company
  • Surface the top 3-5 candidates for submittal; on average within 18 business days
  • Set up initial interviews and begin the reference checking process
  • Set up additional interviews, arranging travel as needed
  • Coordinate with you on the candidate you want to land for your team and close them on compensation, relocation, and start date
  • Present the offer to the candidate with high confidence that it will be accepted
  • Coach the candidate on the resignation process and the likely counter-offer
  • Follow up with the candidate through their start date

To best serve our clients we are organized into 12 divisions: