A Woman Breaking The Mold

   An Award-winning Career   

Karen Sturgeon, President and Founder of KLA Industries, has been recognized by Plastics News as one of their Women Breaking The Mold in 2022.

In her interview she descrbes how impactful her efforts have been for not only herself but the lives and success of others. She also focuses on what excites her most about the industry - from life-saving medical equipment to advances in polymer technology. 


Started in 1999, KLA Industries has grown from a one-woman operation to the largest recruitment and executive search firm in the plastics industry. 


Under Karen's driving force KLA Industries has reach in all areas of the industry, affecting growth, innovation, and careers all along the supply chain. 


Not only a success within the plastics industry, Karen is also celebrated by her friends, family, and team at KLA Industries. 

Praise From Peers

"Karen's vision and execution to start KLA from scratch to become the largest search firm in the plastics industry is a great accomplishment itself, but it's her willingness to adapt, and change that has been some of the reasons that have kept KLA at the top."

"Her genuine enthusiasm and passion for what she does on a daily basis are like no other and that's what makes her the best."

"Karen is the epitome of a leader and has been able to create and develop other leaders. She has had a vision for KLA since Day 1 and with a little bit of courage and integrity has been able to make KLA a leader in the industry."

"Karen has accomplished the American Dream. To grow this business the way she has is nothing short of outstanding."

"Her integrity comes through loud and clear on how the company is run. Her no nonsense approach is refreshing."

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