Why Talk to a Headhunter? Even if I’m Pretty Happy?

Let me be very clear: You should never take a job or change jobs based solely on getting more money. But our office talks with around 2000 professionals every month so we have a lot of data points, and I can assure you those who are receptive to keeping their eyes and ears open for an opportunity potentially stronger than their current position make significantly more money than those who don’t, on average.

We haven’t attempted to do any type of scientific study on this, so I don’t have an exact percentage, but for any given job title there is a wide compensation range available from company to company. It is not unusual for us to talk with someone who is underpaid by 10-20%. In addition, and this is even harder to quantify, those who keep their eyes open seem to be happier at what they do. 

So you see it’s a proven fact – talking with a professional recruiter who specializes in your industry can make you happier and wealthier! Okay, maybe not a proven fact, but even if the result is you have no interest in a current opportunity, networking is always a good way to exchange important information. For example, you might find out you are the person who is 20% above the average compensation, which would be nice to know. It would make you happier and feel wealthier…..

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