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Google for Jobs – Game Changer?


The tech giant recently tossed its hat in the ring of the crowded job search engine circus with Google for Jobs. Given that some of Google’s new ventures virtually wiped out the competition, should independent recruiters be concerned? Should HR and hiring managers be excited? The short answer to both questions is absolutely not.

Executive search is the art of being able to identify, attract, and land the top talent in any given industry or profession. It is a blend of art and science, but more on the art side. There are no products involved, only people, and thus it is perhaps the ultimate relationship-based business. Historically when new tools are rolled out, they replace other tools, but not the need for understanding the hiring process.

When Google decided to launch Google for Jobs, they pointed to problems with the current hiring market. CEO Sundar Pichai said it would address a problem that 46% of US employers face; talent shortages and trouble filling open positions. Sundar is a brilliant man, but I predict that Google for Jobs will have no effect on the overall issue. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a money-maker for Google.

If employers cannot fill jobs with Monster, Careerbuilder, Ladders, Linkedin, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor,,, and about a thousand other players, wouldn’t that tell you that the technology is not the main underlying cause of the problem? I hope this doesn’t make me sound old but when I was early in my career the number one job board was the Employment ads in the Sunday newspaper, (That did make me sound old, didn’t it?) and employers had an easier time finding qualified candidates.

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