The Illusion of Security – What to Know, What to Do

Much has been written about man’s perceived need for security. If you consider it though, you quickly realize it is …Read More

Why Talk to a Headhunter? Even if I’m Pretty Happy?

Let me be very clear: You should never take a job or change jobs based solely on getting more money. …Read More

The True Cost of a Bad Hire (or a Recruiter’s Value Proposition)

“Our company doesn’t like to pay recruiting fees,” the president of a well-known plastics machinery company told me at a …Read More

Inevitable, But Still Sad

An article in this week’s Plastics News details how an injection molding company has been forced to close a plant …Read More

Recovering from Irma and Harvey

  One of KLA’s offices is in the Tampa/St Petersburg area, so Irma went right over top of us. Everyone …Read More

The Most Controversial Article I Ever Wrote

  The following is reprinted exactly as it was published in my PlasticsToday.com blog in 2011. I received more feedback on …Read More

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